Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
The new Smart Snacks rule is putting a damper on school fundraisers.
After food shortages, maggots and high turnover, Gov. Rick Snyder is being pushed to terminate Aramark's contract...
New research finds that kids get most of their fast food calories from burger restaurants.
The challenge gives schools money for increasing participation.
Only 27% of lunches brought from home include three of the five National School Lunch standards, according to new study.
The college is banning the sales in an effort to reduce the amount of waste it creates.
Brunswick County Schools' Hungry Tummy Café serves summer meals to children...
Simon Fraser University hopes to open the new space, which would be open to students and the community, by 2017.
Fort Thomas Independent School District leaves the program over new regulations that it says are causing increased waste.
The hospital is the first in the country to earn the distinction, which honors locations for serving seafood grown and harvested by certified, environmentally sustainable methods.


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