Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Nursing assistants and other employees are on a three-day strike meant to bring McKenzie-­Willamette Medical Center management to the bargaining table over pay and benefits.
The Learning Center at Linlee decided to stop participating in the federal school lunch program.
Agriculture Commissioner James Comer applauded Transylvania University leaders for their commitment to their students, faculty, and staff as well as local farmers as Transylvania joined the Kentucky...
For 40 years, the rooftop of the Hargrave House has been closed to tenants, its views of Central Park and the neighborhood's mosaic of buildings unappreciated by the low- to middle-income...
What once served as a deli for famished University of Montana students will reopen early next year as a casual yet upscale restaurant offering views of the University Golf Course.
As the Atlantic reports, the Lincoln Public School System (LPS) in Lincoln, Nebraska “has gone above and beyond the legal requirements, dishing out a daily vegetable smorgasbord.
Waukegan School District 60, last week, began the process required to resume food service to students during the ongoing teachers’ strike.
Students at Discovery Middle School won't just determine the future by what they're learning in classrooms, they're determining what children across the state will eat by what they...
Food trucks are popular and soon they will be rolling into Duval County high schools serving hot meals with the menu the work of student chefs.
Mark Guttridge, of Longmont's Ollin Farms, handed out yellow, purple and orange carrot sticks on Sunday at the Boulder Valley School District's inaugural Harvest Festival while talking up...


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