A Massachusetts district hopes its new committee will address parents’ foodservice complaints.
The presumptive presidential nominee says K-12 foodservice workers deserve a raise.
The new prices aren't worth it, the parents say...
Offering old favorites that partially meet regulations upped traffic by hundreds of students a day.
The money was accrued via mandatory meal plans for commuter students.
Eastern Michigan University will hand over its foodservice to Chartwells, citing financial incentives.
The data points to mixed results about the method of qualifying students for free or reduced-price lunch.
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During a recent summit FSD hosted with a dozen C&U operators, the people behind some of the nation’s top programs told us what’s keeping them up at night.
Members of Congress and several advocacy groups gathered on Capitol Hill on Wednesday to highlight the potential loss of millions in state funding as a result of a Child Nutrition Reauthorization...
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Because noncommercial foodservice has a more captive audience than grocery stores and restaurants, and its budget usually is just one piece of a large pie.