Building trust one meal at a time

On the latest episode of “Dig In,” University of Georgia’s Bryan Varin shares his team’s philosophy on dining and how they keep things innovative to keep students coming back.

At the University of Georgia in Athens, the meal plan is entirely voluntary for students, something that sets it apart from most schools of its size.

This setup “instills a level of trust from the parents and the new students with dining services,” says Executive Director of Dining Services Bryan Varin. “We feel that way because we feel like we have to earn every opportunity that we can get, every sale of a meal plan, every dollar of revenue that comes in.”

There’s truly just one way to earn that trust, he says, “and that’s by performing to the best of our abilities every day.”

Listen as Varin shares more about the philosophy of dining services at University of Georgia and how his team keeps things innovative to keep students coming back.

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