Foodservice Operation of the Month

Giving meal recipients a fresh experience

Sam Landman of Meals on Wheels of Northeastern Illinois describes his operation's recent reinvention and how his team is weathering today's labor and supply chain challenges.

“It was pretty crazy, to be honest,” Foodservice Director Sam Landman says of his operation's efforts to start building a centralized kitchen shortly before COVID hit. However, Meals on Wheels of Northeastern Illinois managed to keep its construction largely on track, opening the space that June.

The new kitchen was part of a larger plan for the nonprofit chapter to bring meal production in house and reinvent offerings for food recipients, giving clients healthier versions of the cheeseburgers and fried chicken they wanted and adding trendy cuisines and global flavors to the mix. 

Listen as Landman describes what the journey has been like so far and how his team of staff and volunteers is weathering current challenges around labor and the supply chain.

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