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Township High School District 113 has spent over $29 million in renovations, which include a new air-conditioned cafeteria featuring LED lighting.
It's become clear the company is "no longer a valued partner" to the school system, company president Rhonna Cass said in a letter Tuesday...
Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman vetoed a bill that would have restricted vending-machine items on county properties and at youth-oriented programs operated by county agencies.
Citing a security issue, Pequannock High School’s board introduced a change in policy that bans outside lunch deliveries from delis, pizzerias and other food establishments.
Fearing tightening regulations, the Bozeman School Board voted to suspend the high school’s participation in the NSLP, while elementary and middle schools will remain involved.
Whole wheat and coffee and pears—oh my!
With thousands of bills hitting Congress, the SNA knew a nationwide effort was needed to make reauthorization of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act a priority.
The new cafeteria at Marysville School District will be as energy efficient and tech savvy as possible, and will be open throughout the school day.
The Picayune School District, which was offering a free summer lunch program, will only run through July 17. Parents are being encouraged to get free hot lunch while it’s available.
A Michigan elementary school is using $200,000 in grants to renovate its cafeteria, which will also become a multipurpose room for the community.


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