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A Northeastern University professor examined the state’s compliance with its school-nutrition standards, implemented in 2014. The updated requirements led to significant improvements in regulating...
The founder of school-foodservice consulting company Ingenious Culinary Concepts encourages cafeteria workers to “invest in their customers,” noting that foodservice staff have the chance to shape a...
Summer-meal programs throughout the state are attempting to improve participation—which hovers around 18 percent—by hosting a variety of games and activities that give the free lunches more of a...
The updated national nutrition standards helped close the nutrition gap among middle and high schools, a study conducted by a healthcare advocacy group indicates.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ ‘Lean and Green’ program is designed to get students excited about eating plant-focused meals, including farm-to-school green beans, vegetarian wraps, entree salads...
The legislation would prevent schools from being forced to raise meal prices if their child nutrition programs are financially solvent.
Joe Shamy, foodservice director at Sylvania Schools, says the school meals he and his staff serve are balanced, healthy and cost less than food from the store.
Meals at Clarke Middle School’s restaurant are prepared by students participating in the school’s Kitchen Garden Corps, which helps them gain leadership, culinary and agricultural skills.
Foodservice staff at Lanesborough Elementary School have joined the Lanesborough Education Association collective-bargaining unit, allowing the union to negotiate on their behalf.
This fall, students at Perrysburg Junior High will have a new cafeteria that looks more like a buffet, complete with their choice of eight entrees.


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