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Responding to concerns from the campus’s vegan population, the dining services team at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), in Ohio, has dedicated a station at The Oaks strictly to vegan menu items.
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Genetic engineering has sparked a heated food-related debate. Three countries—Benin, Serbia and Zambia—have banned GMOs (genetically modified organisms) outright.

For this month’s cover story we talked with operators to find out how they are meeting the customer service demands of each of the five generations served by the non-commercial industry (Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, baby boomers and the Silent Generation).

A shift in student and faculty culture has led to wider participation in sustainable activities and lower waste-emitting rates, according to this university’s annual Sustainability Progress Report...
Unlike other restaurants on Cumberland Avenue, the two UT Dining locations accept Dining Dollars as payment from students, creating what the Cumberland Merchants Association describes as an unfair...
Serve these potato-and cheese-filled dumplings with cabbage for a classic entrée.
Cabbage is the star of this side dish recipe that highlights the flavors of Eastern Europe.
Low and slow is the rule for this flavorful chicken broth.
Pickling vegetables is easy with this traditional Romanian recipe.
Based on a traditional Romanian recipe, two types of beans serve as the base for this rich and flavorful soup.


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