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Jeremy Elmore, sous chef at the University of Missouri in Columbia was a NACUFS intern at Ferris State University in 2006 and a culinary intern at Walt Disney World in 2004. At Mizzou, he has developed more than 100 recipes for the residential dining venu

Camp Howard, director of campus dining at Vanderbilt University, in Nashville, would like to visit 1940s Paris, does not understand sushi and admires Mick Jagger.

Clark Dining Hall at NCSU is teaming with the NCSU Biodiesel Club to reuse the waste fryer oil to make biodiesel for use on the NCSU Farm. This biodiesel is a nontoxic and biodegradable fuel that...

Be it a trip to Oz or the round table, themed events at college and universities always bring the fun for students and staff. Though these events often require a lot of work, they also allow for the dining services staff to pull out all the stops in imple