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U.C. Berkeley’s six-year holistic nutrition plan includes a food pantry, emergency funds and loans, help creating a spending plan, tips on eating for $5 a day and a donation program for any student’s...
garbanzo bean burger
A different take on a bean burger. Garbanzo beans bring the protein while walnuts bring the texture.
The vendors are trying to collect a debt totaling $10.7 million from South Carolina State University.
New School students say food prices at the University Center’s cafeteria are too high. For some, it means going hungry; others say it may explain why some students resort to stealing.
baked mac and cheese ritz cracker topping
Incorporating shallots and sriracha make this more than your run-of-the-mill Velveeta mac and cheese.
The College of Charleston hopes its new $1 million kosher vegetarian dining hall will attract observant students as well as sustainability-minded members of the community.
Niche rounded up data from students and colleges around the U.S., rating their schools in quality of both on- and off-campus dining options.
The new grab-and-go option at Cal Poly Pomonoa’s Collins College of Hospitality Management is a welcome addition to a restaurant that had been taxing on students’ time and money.
noreaster potato salad
This simple potato salad gets its name and flavor from the Old bay seasoning Chef Aaron Rothgeb adds.
Binghampton University students and Sodexo employees have incorporated policies including food donation and composting to ensure little food goes to waste.


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