Managing Staff

A guide to managing staff and enhancing employee performance
female employee with disability

Operators are hiring employees with diverse skill sets. Check out how operations are recruiting, retaining and developing employees with disorders and disabilities.

workplace romance

People are going to date whom they want regardless of company policy, but the restaurant group and others have a few safeguards to help brace for relationship drama.  ...

good to know social

Win likes and influence people with posts recognizing staff. Here’s how social media managers are tweeting, posting and blogging workers’ praises while engaging followers...

coworkers talking

Here are the traits to look for when hiring a marketing manager and the do’s and don’ts to know—and how to convince your boss that, yes, you really do need one. 

cafeteria worker

Nearly half (46%) of HR managers say worker exhaustion causes up to half of their yearly turnover, says a survey from management software firm Kronos Inc.

cooks in kitchen

Some operators are working to regain ground in the war on talent with a battalion of full-time employees. Try these tips for transitioning to a largely full-time staff....

woman waiting for uber

Here’s how foodservice operations can work to avoid Uber’s missteps by building a culture that meets claims head on and crushes sexism in their operations.

busy kitchen
How to prepare for the unexpected.
disaster emergency plan

A crisis can strike at any time, even at the most organized operations. Dr. Matthew Seeger, professor and dean at Wayne State University in Detroit, offers suggestions....

cafeteria worker

An entrepreneurial staff will take ownership and understand the business, not just collect a paycheck. 


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