Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Inside of the Greeley school district's cavernous food services warehouse, nutrition service director Jeremy West leans over a 40-gallon kettle and turns a crank, showing how it tilts for easier...
Residents who created a student lunch program called The LunchSpot are planning to restart it to help feed kids during the teachers’ strike.
School lunches have not had the best reputation over the years.
Young inner-city children may suffer disproportionately from food allergies, according to a recent study.
The coffee chain's pilot program is sending its food trucks to three college campuses to serve food and drinks with more flexible hours than some dining halls...
The sandwich shop, which is located in just 290 square feet, offers students and faculty a quick dining option.
Tulare County schools has received $1.5 million to meet a federal mandate requiring schools to offer students water for free in the cafeteria.
Lexington-Richland School District staff visited the university’s school of hotel, restaurant and tourism management for culinary training in healthy meal preparation.
Lakota School District is adding options and allowing for customization to help keep participation high following new meal regulations cutting sodium.
The management company promises changes following a scathing external report.


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