Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Oregon has clearly embraced farm to school programs and is poised to increase the impact local foods have in the lives of school children statewide.
Café de Novo has been announced as the replacement vendor for the space that will be left vacant by the soon-to-depart Law Refectory Café.
Recently, the National School Lunch Program has been under fire regarding strict nutrition standards. Congress wants to roll back these standards, claiming that schools find it difficult to meet...
The Oaks Dining Hall is offering Green Roof tours at the University to continue to promote an environment-friendly campus.
Executives at John Muir Health in California hope the addition of more nutritious, seasonal, and culturally diverse entree choices will improve patients' health beyond their stay...
According to employee tweets and photos, Apple opened a stunning new Caffè Macs employee cafeteria at the corner of Bandley and Alves Dr. in Cupertino this past Tuesday.
Federal meal regulations are providing consistent challenges for school meal programs.
Education secretary Michael Gove will unveil a crackdown on fatty and sweet foods as part of new standards on school meals.
Food companies and restaurants could soon face government pressure to make their foods less salty—a long-awaited federal effort to try to prevent thousands of deaths each year from heart disease and...
The San Antonio hospital program seeks to incorporate healthy food into a long-term health and recovery plan.


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