Morrison Living teams up with the CIA to bolster staff training, morale

The partnership will lead to “a tremendous boost in confidence and skill set,” says Morrison’s vice president of culinary.
Morrison staff
Photo courtesy of Morrison Living

Morrison Living has partnered with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to offer mentorship and additional culinary training to its foodservice staff.

Through the first year of Morrison Living’s Culinary Advancement Training Series, senior chefs will mentor more than 100 program participants, who represent both hourly and salaried employees, and were nominated for the initiative by their respective leadership teams.

The senior chefs involved have all received mentorship training from the CIA.

“This opportunity is going to provide a tremendous boost in confidence and skill set among our team members,” Adam Grafton, vice president of culinary for Morrison Living, said in a statement. “This will not only enhance the dining experience for residents, but we’ll see an increase in job satisfaction, morale, and motivation for our culinarians.” 

The program’s training includes online classes, webinars and dedicated time spent communicating with mentors, as well as homework and exams. Those who have successfully completed the series will be added to Morrison Living’s list of emerging leaders.

Morrison Living, a subsidiary of Compass Group, oversees foodservice at more than 400 senior-living communities across the U.S.



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