Foodservice Operation of the Month

Engaging staff and diners around local sourcing

Jason Wallin of senior-living community Salmon at Medway shares how his operation is making the most of local connections.

Local sourcing is a key component of the menu strategy at Salmon at Medway, a senior-living operation that opened its doors during the pandemic and was recently named FSD’s Foodservice Operation of the Month.

“It’s very interesting ‘cause this group of residents that are living at Medway, they’re asking a lot," says Jason Wallin, director of culinary operations. "They’re asking where [the food] came from, they’re asking to meet the farmer, which is pretty cool.”

The focus on local really engages residents and makes “the wonderful meals we’re putting out even that more meaningful,” he says.

Listen as Wallin shares about how his operation has been attracting staff, weathering supply chain challenges and leveraging area connections.

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