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Cafeteria workers at Dawkins Middle School are learning to make meals from scratch using fresh, locally grown ingredients.
To help students avoid embarrassment and remain well fed throughout the day, Baltimore City Public Schools will now offer free breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of their families’...
An USDA official says that although Oklahoma’s summer-nutrition program has grown, it still isn’t expansive enough to meet students’ needs.
Eden Prairie School District recently received a $12,500 grant that officials hope will reduce the number of lunch trays and other reusable items that need to be repurchased when students throw them...
Through the new Creating Healthy Schools and Communities program, awardees of the funds will work directly with school districts and food retailers to improve access to nutritious foods.
12 students are registered for Sacred-Heart’s five-week summer course that will teach them how to farm plants and feed animals, which will be used for the school cafeteria as well as farmers markets.
Kids watch more television, consume more sugar, eat fewer vegetables and barely exercise, according to a study from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health...
The new cafeteria measures about 11,000 square feet and will be large enough to handle grades K-12 during lunchtime at Wilton Community School District this fall.
The Hollister School District served 5,492 lunches in June, up from 2,698 lunches during the same period last year – which the director of student nutrition attributes to more district focus on...
Of the 12,000 children who qualify for free- or reduced-price meals at central Wisconsin public schools, only about one-third are getting food assistance during summer break.


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