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UW Health at the American Center opened its doors to the public Sunday to provide healthy-cooking demonstrations and give tours of the rooftop garden that will be used to grow fresh ingredients for...
Athens, Georgia, schools and hospitals are teaming up with farmers, chefs and wellness experts to find new ways to engage kids and adults in healthy behaviors while connecting them to the larger food...
After the dining services director at New Milford Hospital lost his garden, he installed six aeroponic tower gardens—a vertical growing system—on the hospital’s roof.
Patients at Virginia-based Wellmont Health System receive liners on their meal trays that provide information about healthy foods and portion sizes to incorporate into their diet.
market produce
We partnered with our produce company to offer farmers markets to the Northwest Community Healthcare region and employees during the summer months.
The produce Conway Regional Medical Center’s cafeteria offers to visitors and staff is identified by a label that says “Arkansas Grown,” and also states where the farm is located.
tattoo chef
Behind the swinging doors of noncommercial kitchens, tattoos don’t draw much contention, which is why at least one operator sees body art as a secret weapon.
pigs farm
Our dishwasher raises pigs, so the majority of the food waste goes to feeding them. A lot of residents worry about wasting food, so we reassure them.
Kiowa County Memorial Hospital has joined 75 Kansas hospitals pledging to the Kansas Hospital Association to examine food and beverage practices.
After a local paper chastised the University of Iowa hospital system for its high amount of food waste, hospital leaders took a multi-pronged approach to waste reduction and sustainability.


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