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Migas, a simple scramble of eggs, tortillas, tomatoes, chilies and cheese, has as many variations as there are cooks.
Breakfast sandwiches are the choice for busy grab-and-go morning customers and appear on 42 percent of restaurant menus, says Food
This chicken delivers flavors of the Yucatan with spices and plenty of citrus.
This hearty soup delivers chicken, sweet coconut milk and a delicious, mild thai curry broth.
This mini-pizza is great for sharing, but can also be served as a personal.
Quinoa, beans and vegetables come together to make this healthy, flavorful dish filling as well.
Kimchi, spicy pickled cabbage, kicks up the flavor in this simple Asian dish.

Jessica Marchand, R.D., has revolutionized foodservice at WakeMed Health & Hospitals in Raleigh, N.C., by developing a full-service catering program and empowering her culinarians to take more...

Snapshots of all the recipes from the January 2015 issue featuring mash-ups.