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The program at the La Porte County Jail would reward inmates for good behavior by offering the opportunity, about once a month, to order in from a local restaurant.
The airport’s board recently approved a new concessions program, part of a $940 million facility expansion, to open in 2017. Included are local brands like Rumfishh as well as the big national...
The foodservice provider has been awarded a four-year contract for the U.S. House of Representatives.
If McDonald’s is Fast Food 1.0 and Chipotle is Fast Food 2.0, what is Fast Food 3.0?
rex farro orange salad
Here are three ways operators can create fruit salads that keep customers coming back.
The Democratic Party hopeful says she wants a living wage for hourly foodservice workers.
Click through snapshots of all the recipes featured in the May 2015 issue.
The agency suggests unisex facilities, but stresses that it is merely advising the set-up, not requiring it.
Chartwells, University of Arkansas’ foodservice provider, will feed attendees of the Walmart shareholder’s meeting three meals a day and has plans to limit food waste.