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By Becky Schilling, Editor

New breakfast regulations are easier to meet and are causing fewer negative student reactions than last year's lunch ones. That's borne out by statistics that show participation for the...

By Becky Schilling, Editor

Published in Healthcare Spotlight

Other highlights in our 2014 Hospital Census include an increase in patient and retail meal counts.

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As the economy continued to struggle in 2009, contract management firms overall experienced a flat year. The largest contractors saw a slight dip in revenue year-over-year, while Tier 2 and Tier 3...

Seventy-two percent of operators in our survey said they purchased local products, with produce being the most frequently purchased local item. Operators also reported an increase in meal counts in...

Midsize and regional contract management companies see growth while national companies saw slight decline in revenue.

Eighty-six percent of college operators said they purchase products locally, with produce being the most commonly purchased local item.

Respondents reported nearly a 20-cent increase in food costs for lunch, and more schools report serving breakfast in the classroom than last year.

B&I revenue decreased by 7% and 60% expect their sales to remain flat or decrease in the coming year, according to respondents to the 2011 B&I Census Report.

With revenues flat, B&I market's top challenge is to create value-driven meals, according to FSD's 2006 B&I census report...

Convenience stores take on new life on college and university campuses, especially when meeting students’ demands for prepared meals.