Pear Berry Frappe

Source: Recipe and photo courtesy of Pacific Northwest Canned Pears
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Main Ingredient: Non-alcoholic Beverages, Fruit
Menu Part: Beverage
Cuisine Type: Mediterranean
Serves: 24

Snacking is on the upswing, and more and more Americans see beverages as a satisfying snack. Offering blended coffee and tea drinks, smoothies, shakes, slushies and the like can build traffic during that mid-morning, mid-afternoon or late-night time period when a snack attack may come on. This thick and fruity frappe hits the spot.


24 (6 lb. 6 oz.) canned pear halves, drained (reserve liquid)

3 qt. pear juice (from canned pears)

2 qt. (4 lb. 8 oz.) frozen berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries)


1.        Per serving: In blender container, combine 1 canned pear half, ½ cup pear juice and ½ cup frozen berries; blend until smooth.

2.        To serve, pour into tall glass or disposable cup.