Mrs. Claus Tea

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A cranberry/cucumber syrup subtly mellows the stonger orange, tea and spice flavors in this this hot toddy, making it a perfect warmup on a crisp winter day. 


1 oz. Citadelle gin
1/2 oz. Mathilde Orange X.O.
1/4 oz. Cranberry/Cucumber syrup
6 oz. orance spice tea (e.g. Constant Comment)

Cranberry/Cucumber syrup:
1 med. cucumber
6 oz. fresh cranberries
1q. simple syrup


Cranberry/Cucumber syrup:

  1. Muddle cucumber with cranberries.
  2. Add the hot simple syrup and allow the mixture to cool to infuse the flavors.

Mrs. Claus Tea

  1. Combine gin, orange liqueur and cranberry/cucumber syrup in a 10 oz. mug.
  2. Add fresh brewed hot tea.
  3. Garnish with cinnamon stick and serve.
Source: Marvin Allen at Carousel Bar in New Orleans, and Tales of the Toddy

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