Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
uiuc ramen
Operators are taking this Asian noodle soup, once the packaged stuff of college dorms, to new heights.
hot chocolate uconn
Powdered mix with freeze-dried marshmallow bits? Think again. Whether for special events or as an everyday indulgence, operators are finding new, unexpected ways to make hot chocolate feel fresh.
unt tandoori portobello burger
Three Takes On offers several different versions of the same classic dish. This month: Burgers.
rush university medical center borscht
Most of the ingredients in Eastern European dishes are simple and feel familiar to customers. But if a recipe calls for something that simply won’t play well, most operators have no problem tweaking...
berry parfait
As between-meal eating grows increasingly popular, the humble snack has become nearly as important as breakfast, lunch and dinner.
penswood blueberry panna cotta
Visually, puddings and custards might not be as impressive as petits fours or multi-tiered cakes, but these humble sweets are true workhorses in the kitchen.
White Bean Hummus
Three Takes On offers several different versions of the same classic dish. This month, we scoped out three hummus recipes, including Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, White Bean Hummus and Black-eyed Pea...
USC's Tropical Cooler
Operators increase beverage sales with juice bars.
Hummus Supreme flatbread from the University of Oklahoma
Flatbreads aren’t just trending at national chains—they’re healthy, versatile and convenient options satisfying customers in non-commercial operations as well.
One of the biggest upsides to starting a food truck is you can get food to places it’s often difficult to reach with a brick-and-mortar location.


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