Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
burger fries deluxe dining

Here’s how three operations draw diner interest with limited-time offers.

chocolate chip cookie dough

The nostalgic, no-bake treat is showing up beyond ice cream joints.

academy award cookies

No matter which film rises to the top at this year’s Academy Awards, the event's suspense creates the perfect occasion to gather diners together.

beef jerkey

A higher number of consumers say they are eating a variety of meat as snacks than did so two years ago. Here are three ways meat is upping snack sales.

coffee cup beans

Operations are bringing the charred foods trend to coffee.

salad chicken
Vegetables and grains have stepped into the spotlight, thanks to the “flipping the plate” trend, but protein is still an important part of a balanced diet.
cicis salad bar

While customization is an expectation for many of today’s diners, younger customers seem to prefer self-serve bars over made-to-order items.

orange chicken

With new global influences, fried chicken has been sporting some fresh spins.

health food medicine stethoscope

These alternatives for vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious consumers are heating up. 

vegetable scraps kitchen waste trash

Operators are giving food scraps and rejects a second life on menus.


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