Menu Strategies

Best practices for creating innovative menus and signature dishes
meatloaf slices plate
Consumer interest is up for classic and comforting meat dishes like meatballs (16%), beef pot pie (26%) and meatloaf (12%) for dinner now compared to two years ago.
fries baked potato french fry

Read on for four recent variations on fries, a dish offered by 50% of limited-service concepts.

parker pie co pizza


lemon merenuge pie slice

Here are some tips for boosting orders on National Pi Day.

tables farm dinner

We asked members of FSD's Chefs' Council to talk about their most-attended dining days of the year, and what they do to make them special.

maple syrup bottles

Maple flavors are making a splash at lunch and dinner, as well as in beverages.

wagyu lo mein

Steal these innovative food and drink ideas for your operation.

college students eating

From fried chicken dinners to cookies straight from the oven, these items have become huge hits on their respective campuses—making them the type of offering operators...

farmer boys chicken sandwich

When it comes to sandwiches, familiar condiments are getting revamped and emerging global flavors are taking the spotlight.

burger fries deluxe dining

Here’s how three operations draw diner interest with limited-time offers.


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