Creating Healthier Menus

A collection of healthier menu ideas

When autumn arrives, bringing with it an ample harvest of apples, it’s time to take advantage. Operators name their favorite varietals and how best to serve them.

bean medley

Speed scratch can be a big scheduling help, but premade items can also be a calorie bomb. Follow these tips for keeping speed-scratch cooking quick and healthy.

beau rivage resort blended burger

Here's how school dining halls are rethinking protein...

chicken shwarma plate

How to get rid of fried fan favorites but not the fans.

tilapia veggies plate
Operators reveal how they’re hooking their diners with fish.
chili spaghetti
Iconic dishes like Cincinnati chili may not be entirely healthy, but they are incredibly popular. How are chefs adapting popular recipes and bringing them to schools?
sam kass talking menu directions
The former White House nutrition advisor addresses how to model healthy eating and one food-related issue facing the country.
It emerged as a top food trend on Pinterest’s 2017 predictions, is “the latest miracle food” according to Epicurious, and was called “a nutritional bonanza” by NPR.
health food medicine stethoscope
Technomic’s 2016 Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report shows younger consumers are especially tuned in to functional foods that promote wellness.
quinoa bowl
In a time of growing health consciousness, it might not be enough anymore for food to be merely filling. diners are looking for food with a function.


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