Menu Development

Incorporate fresh kiwis and raspberries into your menu with these sweet dessert crepes.

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USC's Tropical Cooler

Operators increase beverage sales with juice bars.

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As part of our ongoing Signature Series, we asked operators to share their signature Italian recipes.

Click through Snapshots of all the recipes from the August 2014 issue. This month features flatbread, banana and juice recipes.

Snapshots of all the recipes for the July 2014 issue.

As part of our ongoing Signature Series, we asked operators to share their unique pork recipes, including soup, salad and carnitas.

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Offering healthy choices

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Gone are the days of ignorant eating. Consumers today are getting smart about their health. When it comes to food, your patrons expect to see healthy choices alongside the not-so-healthy ones. And as they wise-up, it’s important for you—and for your business—to stay abreast of the latest news, information and trends to keep them satisfied and coming back for more.

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Fruit might be sweet, but it’s also right at home in savory dishes, where it offers depth of flavor plus beneficial fiber and antioxidants for relatively few calories. Here’s how operators are...

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A healthy take on Southern fried chicken, this dish offers all the flavor of the comfort food favorite without the calories.