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Thanks to the University's Dining@PSU app that connects students with two week's worth of daily menus, nutrition information, a food log and a calorie-counting tool, making smart food...
Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples is raising objections to a school district pilot program that encourages kids to eat meatless lunches once a week.
Meals are a bit tastier this year at two local parochial schools that have opted out of federal funding for lunch.
Most employees look forward to the proverbial lunch bell. In addition to providing a much-needed respite and providing the energy for completing the day’s work, lunchtime gives them a chance to bond.
Thyme and Change is the most recent addition to Ohio State Dining Services, usually parked near the corner of 17th and Neil avenues outside of Baker Systems Engineering.
Monday, the new Fireside Café in Pierpont Commons opened its doors after a six-month, $5.3 million renovation.
In bustling high school cafeterias, "smart snacks" have quietly made their way into the lunch line — and school officials hope kids will like them because the cafeteria's bottom line...
Now serving thousands of meals a day to young foodies, the new Arnold Dining Commons at Southern Methodist University is a leap forward from the college dorm cafeterias of yesterday.
When students returned to campus a couple of weeks ago, they were surprised to find that Meal-X, the most popular meal option for dinner, underwent multiple changes.
The study comes from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which in 2011 signed an industry agreement with 14 food manufacturers and three GPOs to “develop, produce and market healthier food...


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