Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
Cafeterias are redesigned to lead children to make healthier choices.
A study shows that corporate programs to foster good health are spreading, but the ROI is difficult to calculate.
New training aims to elevate awareness among parents as well as staff.
The state Dept. of Education says the district is misusing data about who participates in the national school lunch program.
Employees of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs’ facility are told not to use the machine because of a ban on gambling.
The board is considering a longer period so children have enough time to eat.
Decker will oversee foodservice at the chain’s Tenn. headquarters.
Boxed-lunch program offers two tiers of service with emphasis on local sourcing.
The department is providing $5 million for 82 projects aiming to foster connections between school cafeterias and local farmers.
The funds will expand farm-to-school programs throughout the state.


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