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Technology & Equipment

Grubhub, Kiwibot team up to deliver more food to college students

The latest robot delivery partnership will debut at the University of North Dakota.

Technology & Equipment

The state of healthcare foodservice: Finding a way forward

Technology is helping teams alleviate staffing shortages and meet sustainability goals.

How operators can gain control of takeout and delivery orders

The chain will use the high-tech vending machines to sell more sandwiches in places like airports and college campuses.

DoorDash pulled the plug on the robots in August and removed them from the field. Operators say they’ve struggled to find a good replacement.

The companies jointly offer robot delivery on five campuses, with an eye toward expansion.

The kiosk's new robotic arm sports a set of googly eyes and a dance routine, and will make its debut at UCLA’s Ackerman Student Union. 

Technology and shifting consumer preferences are bringing big changes to the front and back of house.

Stellar Pizza aims to develop a fleet of automated pizza trucks that could become a national brand.

Many foodservice operators have likely heard all the buzz about smart lockers. But for those who are curious yet unsure exactly where to start the vetting process, it’s helpful to learn more about the...

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