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Technology & Equipment

University of Nebraska-Lincoln adds kiosk to cut line wait times at campus deli

The university is planning to add two more ordering kiosks next semester.

Technology & Equipment

3 tips for streamlining back-of-house operations

Tensions run high in back-of-house, operators can create a smoother process. Here are several ways to streamline foodservice back-of-house operations.

More than half of consumers have used a restaurant’s app or website to order food in the last year, according to Technomic’s recent 2019 State of Off-Premise report, and hospital foodservice operations have taken notice, offering their own apps with the same services.

Tech amenities are on the rise. How can you compete?

AI and other advancements can enhance operations. But when should you take the plunge?

Back of house solutions that help operators mitigate some of these risks may hold the key to improving cost, performance, and ultimately the guest experience.

How operators are helping students and staff get accustomed to new technology at campus eateries.

Restaurants are taking a page from delivery’s playbook to update the ordering process. But not all the same rules apply.

Waste is a serious problem at colleges today, and operators are taking notice. Here are some tips on dealing with coffee waste on campus.

How can operators cope with inefficient (and oftentimes nerve-wracking) checklist processes? Digital checklists

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