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The latest news and trends in foodservice technology and equipment.
Technology & Equipment

Operators turning to tech to stay safe

The food service industry continues to face the coronavirus pandemic head on.

Technology & Equipment

QR codes are seeing a comeback

Foodservice operations are quickly realizing that the codes offer an easy touchless ordering option amid the coronavirus.

The pandemic has transformed foodservice, creating a space robots appear uniquely suited to fill.

Here are some ways operators can adapt, adjust and adopt equipment to meet feeding needs now and in the future.

As healthcare systems continue to focus on patient satisfaction, one of the ways they are working to improve the patient experience is by expediting and customizing the way they can order meals.

An alliance is asking the California Restaurant Association to drop its opposition to a gas-fired equipment ban and work together on an all-electric future.

The touch screen-enabled refrigerators from Coolgreens will offer a slate of grab-and-go fare.

The near-constant seeking and sharing of information is why it’s important for operators to gain control of the customer experience as much as possible.

The university is planning to add two more ordering kiosks next semester.

Tensions run high in back-of-house, operators can create a smoother process. Here are several ways to streamline foodservice back-of-house operations.

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