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The latest news and trends in foodservice technology and equipment.
Technology & Equipment

Sodexo brings new technology to Catholic Health Services in Miami

Smart vending, customized menus and tableside ordering are among the additions to come.

Technology & Equipment

Grubhub rolling out new robots at Ohio State, with more campuses to come

The delivery company teamed up with Cartken for a pilot in the spring.

Everyday will offer features such as digital wallet personalization, scan-and-go capabilities and delivery.

Smaller robots, self-delivery and more emerged during the event this week in Chicago.

The companies’ grab-and-go tech is in action at baseball stadiums in Boston and Houston.

Panera Bread is testing software from Miso Robotics to monitor the coffee station so workers don’t have to.

Hoosier Village Retirement Community is using the robots to bring dishes back and forth between the kitchen and dining room.

The foodservice provider has partnered with Eat>NOW autonomous grocery stores, Yo Kai vending machines and Virtual Dining Concepts to give students access to convenient meal options.

Robotic baristas, chefs and bussers are filling staffing gaps, boosting morale and more, operators say.

Temperature-controlled pickup lockers are the main feature at Ford Food Garage.

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