ISS is on track to cut food waste in half by 2027

The foodservice provider's waste-reduction strategy involves optimized food procurement, planned out menus and a focus on changing consumer behaviors.
food in garbage
ISS has reduced its global food waste by 30% since 2019. | Photo: Shutterstock.

Foodservice and facility management provider ISS is making strides on its sustainability goals.

The company is working on cutting its global food waste in half by 2027 and recently announced that it has reduced waste by 30% from its 2019 baseline, putting the company on track to achieve its larger goal.

In addition, ISS has shown progress on its commitment to the Cool Food Pledge, which asks participants to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the food they serve by 25% by 2030. ISS has reduced nearly 5% of greenhouse gas emissions per 1,000 kcal, according to a statement.

The company has accomplished this through several strategies, including optimized food procurement, planned out menus and a focus on changing consumer behavior patterns.

The company’s partnership with Winnow, a food-waste management solutions company, has assisted ISS in its progress. Winnow uses artificial intelligence to inform chefs about plate waste and consumer patterns, according to the statement.

ISS also has plans to further expand its plant-based offerings. One way it's doing so is by incorporating “Future 50” foods into the menu, which are nutritious foods with a relatively small environmental footprint.

“Our key priority is to encourage our customers to make more sustainable choices, benefiting both the climate and personal health,” said Hamish Cook, head of group food services at ISS, in a statement. “This means that we are enhancing innovative recipes development, menu concepts, and comprehensive culinary training.”

ISS is also launching awareness campaigns across its customer sites.

“In the end, we must drive the climate agenda together. This requires constant awareness and attention. This week, we are supporting the UN-led International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste through our own Love Food and Stop Waste campaign,” said Cook. “Restaurants across the world will share recipes and tips for great food with minimum food waste.”



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