How Ms. Tonya Granberry brings heart and warmth to Belmont Dining

Tonya Granberry, supervisor at Belmont Dining joins the podcast, to discuss what inspires her 40-year tenure at the university.

 Tonya Granberry, supervisor at Belmont University Dining, has been with the university for 40 years. She started as a cook, worked her way to the cashier station and eventually became a supervisor. 

Granberry is affectionally nicknamed by students as "Auntie T" and is known for her warm demeanor and friendly conversations. But what brings Granberry  to work everyday? What inspired her to stay with one dining program in an industry known for turnover? Granberry joins us for On Site with FSD to discuss her experience at Belmont Dining.

Granberry is a hard worker who cares about the students she serves, but the most exciting thing about this conversation is the passion she exuded for her work. 



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