Aramark launches Chef Spotlight program

The program aims to showcase recipes created by Aramark chefs who have had a positive impact.
Chef Spotlight Aramark

Aramark has launched Chef Spotlight, a program that aims to highlight recipes created by Aramark chefs and the stories behind them

Featured chefs will be chosen for their positive impact on customers and the organizations they serve, and will have the opportunity for a recipe of theirs to be offered across Aramark locations.   

Aramark’s Culinary Development Team will work with the company’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to develop the programming for Chef Spotlight and select the recipes that will be highlighted. 

Aramark’s ERGs are voluntary, employee-led groups comprised of individuals who share common interests, backgrounds or demographic factors such as gender, race or ethnicity. Examples of Aramark’s ERGs include Aramark Impacto (Hispanic/Latino), Aramark Pride (LGBTQ+) and Leaders and Employees of African Descent (LEAD)

“Culinary excellence powers Aramark’s hospitality experience and drives our diverse culinary talent to channel their passion for food, culture and heritage, to make dishes that span continents,” Heidi Hogan, who leads Aramark’s Culinary Development Team, said in a statement. “Chef Spotlight celebrates our chefs, and everything they bring to the table, and helps us identify and deliver unique offerings that exceed the expectations of our global consumers.”



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