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New Hampshire high school may drop NSLP

In the face of declining participation in the school lunch program, Superintendent Michael Delahanty is considering having the high school withdraw from the federal Food and Nutrition Service Program.


Culinary students take over lunch program

The Learning Center at Linlee decided to stop participating in the federal school lunch program.

As the Atlantic reports, the Lincoln Public School System (LPS) in Lincoln, Nebraska “has gone above and beyond the legal requirements, dishing out a daily vegetable smorgasbord.

New breakfast regulations are easier to meet and are causing fewer negative student reactions than last year's lunch ones. That's borne out by statistics that show participation for the morning meal holding steady in the past two years. This year's K-12 Census Report also looks at the cost per meal, participation levels and the new competitive foods rules.

On Friday, 7-year-old Jamarcus Spencer devoured an organic hot dog that is on the menu because the school is working to provide more healthy meals to its students.

On a typical Thursday, Cole Coffey, a sixth-grader at Schoo Middle School in Lincoln, Nebraska, would face a school lunch menu that reads a little like a Weight-Watchers recipe guide:

Montgomery County students will be seeing fewer dyes, artificial sweeteners and other chemical additives in their food after a recent decision by school officials to add to a list of banned ingredients.

It’s been nearly four years since First Lady Michelle Obama sent shockwaves through the education world with the announcement of new school lunch regulations.

Students at the University of California, Davis, are now paying more for their food—but some of them may also be getting a pay raise.

The National School Boards Association reported Monday that 83.7 percent of school districts around the country have seen an increase in wasted school lunch food since a 2010 law was passed mandating new nutrition rules.

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