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FoodService Director is working to track the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 on the foodservice industry. Please check our coronavirus section for the latest updates.

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Stadium foodservice shifts as football season kicks off

Fewer or no fans in the stands means transitioning to new ways of serving food and drink.


A chat with NC State’s new nutrition director

Lauren Smith is helping the university’s dining program navigate this semester as it deals with COVID-19.


Recipe report: Speed-scratch dishes

With labor still tight in many operations, speed-scratch recipes can provide homemade taste with fewer steps. These five dishes utilize pre-prepped ingredients and smart techniques to create kitchen shortcuts.

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The pandemic has emptied office buildings across the U.S, but when the workforce returns, their coffee preferences may be a bit different.

While operators are pivoting to cut excess costs and streamline back-of-house operations, they can’t cut corners on the food quality and service their customers have come to expect.

Restaurants with the highest closure rates include those specializing in breakfast and brunch, burgers and sandwiches, desserts and Mexican food, the review platform found.

Chicken is the most popular protein on menus, and many customers continue to crave their favorite preps. But why not add a new chicken dish to the lineup this fall to excite more adventurous eaters? Start with these five globally influenced recipes.

Jumps in coronavirus cases have led a number of schools to change their policies in dining and elsewhere.

Matthew Osolin translates his culinary passion into crowd-pleasing dinners without overtaxing the kitchen.

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After pivoting to outdoor dining amid the COVID-19 pandemic, dangerous air is forcing many eateries in the western U.S. to abandon their patios.

Any child under 18 can now receive free breakfast and lunch for Saturday.

Nearby districts and other community members have stepped in to help distribute meals.