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For residents and patients with dysphagia, purees are the main form of treatment. Food items that didn’t seem puree-able have now become part of the menu, thanks to the advances being made with Cura’s Puree Creations.

From fast casuals to fine dining, Boston offers a large selection of restaurants serving local specialties and global cuisines.

Also in this week’s legislative update: New data from Massachusetts analyzes the impact of the state’s universal free school meals program.

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Check out what’s happening in this week’s edition of Heart of Foodservice, FSD’s regular roundup of inspiration, fun, good deeds, stealable ideas and things that made us smile.

A new study by the USDA’s Economic Research Service showed lower rates of food insufficiency among children located in states with universal free school meal programs compared to those in states that have no such program in place.

It's time to bust out the baguettes! One revolutionary holiday, plus five of our favorite, most summery Francophile recipes, and you’ll be ready to party on July 14 and all through the summer this year. Don’t miss the Tarte Tatin of Summer Peaches with goat cheese, onions and fennel.

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