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Why Technomic has dubbed 2022 ‘the year of the climb’

Director of Menu Research and Insights Lizzy Freier reveals how the firm pinpoints the most relevant trends and why operators should pay attention to its forecast.


How hospitals have been fighting food insecurity, focusing on nutrition

Doubling down on the idea of food as medicine, these five operations are helping to ensure patients and community members have access to nutritious ingredients and healthy cooking skills.


Recipe report: Grab-and-go gets a refresh

Grab-and-go options continue to be strong in every segment, with sandwiches, salads and bowls leading the charge.

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Frank Residences asked Jet Tila to face off against two culinary teams.

Foodservice management will transition to Compass Community Living starting in February 2022.

A new grant will help the dining team ramp up its use of the climate-friendly, umami-rich ingredient.

The latest Kitchen United Mix location allows customers to combine items from all the menus in one to-go order.

Culinary techniques and flavors from Japan and Italy combine to drive this emerging cuisine. But don’t call it fusion.

FSD is the exclusive media partner of ANFP

The senior beverage manager has crafted a drinks program that provides all guests with a festive experience.

The Food Donation Improvement Act would keep K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and other institutions from facing civil or criminal liability when direct donations are made in good faith.

Check out these fun ways to engage diners in the coming weeks.