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At Bowdoin College, local sourcing and scratch cooking are baked into the ethos

Up to 40% of the ingredients Bowdoin uses are sourced nearby, and students play a vital role in these local relationships, the team says.


5 marketing ideas for the month of December

With winter underway and a variety of holidays around the corner, December is the perfect time to feature festive fare. From National Hot Cocoa Day to Christmas, here are five marketing opportunities in the weeks ahead.


How LinkedIn’s cafeteria drives diners toward plant-forward eating

The San Francisco-based company partnered with Greener by Default to cut its carbon footprint by encouraging more sustainable food choices.

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The university is collaborating with the Humane Society of the United States to accomplish this goal.

The move will spare foodservice from what industry leaders warned would be a disastrous supply situation.

If railroad workers should walk out, the pipeline for about 30% of the nation’s packaged food supplies would be disrupted, per the Consumer Brands Association.

Chefs at the boutique hotel chain are creating new takes on butter boards for holiday tables.

Fast casual Bones & Burgers is a small-footprint offshoot of the Tony Roma’s brand.

Chefs and directors at more than 60 independent schools can use the tool to plan menus focused on more sustainable, healthier choices.

FSD is the exclusive media partner of ANFP

Flitman, who left the distributor's arch-rival in 2018, will assume the top job next month.

Rhode Island Schools Recycling Club implements a sorting process to reduce landfill-bound waste in the cafeteria.

When it comes to local sourcing and food waste reduction, the university has hit hurdles. Here’s a look at how it’s working to overcome them.