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The uptick in upcycling holds promise for zero-waste goals

Upcycling turns spent grain and other edible byproducts into food that goes on the plate—not into the compost bin or landfill.


United Airlines tries grab-and-go lounges

The carrier has opened a convenience store-style lounge in Denver for members of its elite flyers club.


School in the Square eliminates single-use disposables with new partnership

The program will divert 216,000 containers from landfills and reduce 23,689 kg of CO2e emissions.

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FSD is the exclusive media partner of ANFP

With Thanksgiving around the corner and winter holidays close behind, there’s an uptick in festive meals and catering events. Any one of these five side dishes will elevate the occasion.

Technology is helping teams alleviate staffing shortages and meet sustainability goals.

See how operators responded to our recent survey about the healthcare segment.