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A number of SNA members have signed a petition asking the association to end the campaign to relax school nutrition standards. The organization says the request would limit any flexibility in school...

The shuttering of the Showboat, Revel Casino Hotel, Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City and The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel left the area reeling.

brie raspberry grilled cheese
One of the most popular sandwiches is a take on peanut butter and jelly—with brie taking the place of the peanut butter.
Federal Smart Snacks requirements will be under review by a committee set up to look at education regulations deemed overreaching or unnecessary.
A free school breakfast for all students up to the sixth grade is one of the plans included in an education bill introduced by state legislators.
A new law prohibits New Jersey schools from not serving meals to students who have delinquent payment accounts without notifying parents first.
School leaders explained to U.S. State Rep. Charlie Dent that adhering to Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is resulting in students throwing away more food.
Clubs at Virginia high schools say they are limited in what they can sell during fundraisers as a result of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.
toni watkins
Director of food, nutrition and conference services loves thinking out of the box, hates having to justify staffing and wishes she could sing.
vegetarian napoleon
From tangy feta to milky mozzarella, soft cheeses are a valuable ingredient in the culinary arsenal of non-commercial chefs.


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