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tattoo chef
Behind the swinging doors of noncommercial kitchens, tattoos don’t draw much contention, which is why at least one operator sees body art as a secret weapon.
pigs farm
Our dishwasher raises pigs, so the majority of the food waste goes to feeding them. A lot of residents worry about wasting food, so we reassure them.
Here are the four biggest takeaways from spending three days in the company of our nation's lunch ladies (and gentlemen). ...
The measure would ease the whole-grains and salt-reduction requirements in the reauthorized law.
Despite some East Aurora board members expressing their concern about the foodservice provider’s pricing and labor practices, the board renewed Sodexo’s contract for $5.7 million.
A larger cafeteria at Eugene Fields Elementary School will allow for more lunch seating’s and fewer shifts, which will now be scheduled during regular lunch hours instead of throughout the day.
A study by the University of Colorado-Boulder shows that children consumer more fattening foods such as cookies and candy after observing seemingly overweight cartoon characters.
Township High School District 113 has spent over $29 million in renovations, which include a new air-conditioned cafeteria featuring LED lighting.
It's become clear the company is "no longer a valued partner" to the school system, company president Rhonna Cass said in a letter Tuesday...
Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman vetoed a bill that would have restricted vending-machine items on county properties and at youth-oriented programs operated by county agencies.


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