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The FDA acknowledges that more clarity is needed before compliance the disclosure laws for chain restaurants can be enforced.
A look at some of tomorrow’s up-and-coming restaurant concepts, each posing possible competition (and ideas to ‘borrow’) for FSDs
Admission to the seniors-only cafe event at Sibley Memorial Hospital costs one joke, recited out loud.
We recently hired a transgender employee. As an employer, how do I appropriately accommodate this employee, from locker rooms to preparing my current staff?
The $11 million redesign of the cafeteria includes a Starbucks and Subway; local restaurants like Regina’s Pizza, and a kid’s play area.
Jefferson Healthcare’s foodservice is preparing meals at Port Townsend School District’s kitchen facilities while the hospital undergoes the first phase of a $20 million renovation.
A proposal aired this week in sketchy detail by President Obama would extend eligibility to managers paid less than $50,440.
The 18-month struggle to create a super-distributor is over, to the tune of $312.5 million in break-up fees.
Chef Austin Gran plans to bring full flavors and healthy food to the Ukiah Valley Medical Center.
A California healthcare workers union member allegedly found maggots in a patient’s mouth, as well as in the cafeteria at Riverside County Hospital.


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