FoodService Director | September 2011

The Big Idea: It's often not just small ideas that are worth stealing. FSD brings you a "supersized" Steal This Idea section for those ideas are too big to ignore.

Farro and Toasted Millet Cakes

Wheatberry with Vegetables

Kasha with Red Cabbage & Apple

Quinoa Salad with Roasted Jalapeños

Fruity Quinoa Salad with Almonds

Barley Vegetable Salad

Farro and Golden Apple Salad

FSD of the Month

Brad Lange: A New Comfort Level

Like a lot of teenagers, Brad Lange took a job working in a restaurant as a dishwasher. After a stint in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, Lange found himself without a paycheck. “I...

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2011 B&I Census Report

B&I revenue decreased by 7% and 60% expect their sales to remain flat or decrease in the coming year, according to respondents to the 2011 B&I Census Report.

Menu Strategies

Under 30

Eric Haney

For the past three years, Eric Haney has been working for Cal Dining, where he started as a sous chef and quickly worked his way up to become the executive chef at the Foothill Dining Commons, says Mike Laux, assistant director of administration services.

Jenna Kaczmarski, R.D.

Jenna Kaczmarski, R.D, has chaired the local wellness policy committee and served on the Florida School Nutrition Association’s nutrition committee, says Marcia Smith, food service director of Polk County (Fla.) Schools. Kaczmarski is also responsib

Steal this idea

Sweet Treat

We offer a Sweet concept, which is located inside our sub concept, that offers our sweet items direct from our Bake Shop at discounted prices. Customers can order cakes, pies, cupcakes, petit fours...

Motivation Rally

I have used rallies to motivate employees. I read a motivational quote and give out rally cards with that quote. I also read Caught You Caring cards that employees have written about other employees...

Pop-Up Dining

We held a competition called “Battle Royale,” where we divided our staff into two competing teams who then had to create two “pop-up” restaurants at either end...

Wellness Meal

We have a Wellness Entrée every day. It includes a smaller portion of a lean protein, a whole-grain starch and steamed vegetables with a bottle of water. This is available to our employees...

We launched a program called Frugal Fridays, where each Friday during the semester a coupon is posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Students are able to stop by the designated dining...

Trivia Training

During our weeklong student supervisor training we hold a trivia game based on what the students have learned during the week. We use PowerPoint to display the questions and answers, and the students...

Book Lessons

We have leadership book clubs for our food service managers. We have selected books such as “Raving Fans” about customer service and “Eat that Frog!” about...

Brand Team

We created a team of student brand ambassadors who will be solely in charge of increasing brand awareness of eating at State. They will be responsible for setting up tables to talk about dining plans...

Clean Hands

I use Glo Germ, a product that glows under a black light. I have one person put on lotion and another put on the powder. They shake hands and touch things and it gives a visual of how germs spread...

People Skills

I just hired a new staff member who will concentrate on interpersonal skills. Employee relation problems are starting to take a large amount of our supervisor’s time, and we hope that this...

Dining Out But In

We changed our dining halls’ weekend dinners to a rotation of themed dinners. We now offer themes such as a Chipotle and Olive Garden-style meals. It gives our students the option of &...

Nightmare Lines

I do a Trayline from Hell training scenario. During the training the staff are now students and they go through the trayline with a trainer and a couple of other directors operating the line. The...


Confessions of Cavin Sullivan

Cavin Sullivan, general manager for Metz Culinary Management at The J.M. Smucker Co., in Orrville, Ohio, wishes he were taller, loves a good steak with fresh-cut fries and swears by Great Lakes beer.


California Skinny Sweet Pea Soup

Classic Onion Soup

Thai Red Curry Coconut Chicken Soup

Marvelous Mushroom Soup

Old Bay Seafood Chowder

Cream of Potato Soup with Carrot and Dill

Italian Wedding Soup

Rosemary Corn Soup

Tomato Relish

French Onion Potato Soup

Middle Eastern Thin Bread

Sea of Japan Soup

Idaho Potato and Chicken Gumbo

Five Questions

About Healthy Food Hospitals, for Paige Hathaway

In May, the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) launched the Healthy Food Hospitals campaign as a voluntary commitment made by hospitals to improve the healthfulness of the foods...

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