Managing Staff

A guide to managing staff and enhancing employee performance
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Top Dining Services officials shared their stories at NACUFS conference.
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As plans to increase the minimum wage surge ahead, operators will feel the reverberations shake up labor costs for more than just hourly workers.
human resources teamwork
Steal some human resources genius from the panelists and attendees of the School Nutrition Association’s annual conference in San Antonio.
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Hospitality has been scribbled into the job description for many employees who don’t have a background in service. Here’s how to get them up to speed.

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A new report from Gallup shows that millennials aren't engaged in the workplace—and what can be done to get them on board.

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With the mentor’s help, create a 90-day plan that is both unit- and job-specific. Include time frames for tasks to be learned, not mastered. Here's a cheat sheet...
human resources teamwork
It's easy for tensions between foodservice and human resources to mount. But they could be a big ally. Here are three tips for getting HR on your side...
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Regulating employees’ smartphone use might make operators feel like an overbearing parent, but it’s becoming a necessary evil of the workplace.
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Here’s how to make your operation appealing to the coveted millennial without turning away seasoned talent.

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Consultant Jim Sullivan offered some practical pointers during his educational session at the National Restaurant Association Show.


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