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foreign language signs

For English language learners, I always recommend they ask for the exam in their native language so they would have the advantage of a bilingual exam.

strike sign icon graphic

Your team is unhappy about something and wants to get your attention. You can lower your chances of facing a protest or petition through creating an open environment.

change ahead sign large

It can be tricky to find the balance between listening to your team’s point of view and avoiding giving your power away. You may accept many or few recommendations.

man shock angry laptop

The short answer is yes, but with a strategy. Use review sites to listen to your customers, because they are talking. Then develop a strategy with your team.

training seminar

Employees need to be brave enough to get out of our comfort zones and explore the soft skills that complement our abilities to provide exceptional hospitality.

employee huddle hug

Your two shifts disagreeing is really a teamwork problem. Of course each shift has their immediate goals, but your operation is much larger than that.

managers interview meeting

No matter how management tells the story, layoffs are not pretty. They may be necessary, but leadership can help reduce anxiety and fear with a plan in place.

young cooks chefs

Have some integrity when you are interviewing; poaching chefs will give you a bad reputation. Rise above that temptation and do things the right way.

employee handbook

An employee manual can be a valuable tool for your operation, but it is only effective when used correctly. addressing these points should alleviate missteps.

commercial deep fryer

Having the right equipment can make an operation more efficient, consistent and profitable. The real question is: Will that solve your problem?