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This roast brings a bit of Mediterranean flair to the table with a sumac rub and pomegranate glaze.
This classic ramen dish is big on beef.
After several requests from café guests, this dish was created specifically to provide a healthier option for students.
Packed with chicken, vegetables and eggs, this ramen is a complete meal.
The simplicity of this New York-style cheesecake makes it a hit.
Cheesecakes aren’t only for dessert. This savory take on the classic is a great appetizer.
Finished off in housemade tomato sauce, boiled cabbage serves as the wrapper for your choice of ground beef or pork in this tradit
“This is a signature dish that highlights the fresh Pacific Northwest salmon.
House-roasted pork butt serves as a flavorful foundation for this take on street food quesadillas.


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