Chocolate cookies always are a customer favorite and this recipe makes it easy to win fans. Just mix, scoop and bake. ...
Grated celeraic brings a new twist to pancakes. Each pancake is topped with rolled, smoked salmon slices and a spicy/tart horseradish cream.
In this updated take on surf and turf, chef Barrett pairs halibut with slab bacon, using honey to tie together the flavors. By combining the fish and meat into one elegant entree, a smaller portion of halibut can be served without detracting from the perceived value of the dish.
The appetizer and bar menus at Bridges feature a wide selection of globally inspired seafood items. This starter reflects chef Gin's Asian background, showcasing Korean kimchi in a spicy vinaigrette for breaded Pacific oysters...
For a healthier take on the usual fried fish sandwich, chef Hatfield of Sodexo grills mahi mahi with a spiced honey glaze and layers it on a whole wheat bun. A minty mango slaw adds a refreshing twist and makes tartar sauce unnecessary.