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The BLT, a longtime lunch favorite at many foodservice operations, is given a contemporary twist by Chef Leonard; he substitutes l
Chef Gutierrez has simplified a classic tartine into an easy-to-handle open-face sandwich.
Offering a few soups-of-the-day appeals to the grab-and-go lunch crowd.
Chicken sandwiches are a popular lunch item, but they can get monotonous.
Deconstructed fajitas create a colorful salad that’s packed with contrasting textures and flavors.
The recipe is taken a riff on the operation’s pasta station.
High school students like to see school lunch items that mimic those they can find outside campus.
Mead School District found a way to save costs and add hummus to its menu; the district uses the hummus in wraps for a veggie opti
This hummus recipe, which features black-eyed peas, fresh ingredients and fried pita wedges, is simple to make and works well for


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