Mediterranean Egg Strata
Kitchen staff can prep this dish the night before, set it in the refrigerator and bake it off the next morning, easing the breakfast crunch. In addition to protein from the eggs and cheese, the strata provides a hefty serving of vegetables.
Smashed Avocado Vanilla Protein Shake
This breakfast in a glass is blended with ripe avocado, fresh spinach, Greek yogurt and protein powder for a nutritious and portable way to start the day. Blueberries add visual appeal and balance the richness of the avocado.
Cinderella Milk Tea
This version is a milky tea, but Keung also creates boozy boba cocktails. The boba can be made from scratch by cooking tapioca flour in water, but they also are available ready-made from Asian product suppliers.
Pork Congee
The foundation is savory rice porridge, cooked here in pork stock, and the toppings including crispy shallots and garlic, soft-cooked eggs and scallions.
potato smoothie
Millennials continue to be major smoothie purchasers, but they are constantly constantly seeking novel blends and nutritious ingredients. In the opinion of one NRA exhibitor, turmeric is trending upward for its anti-inflammatory properties, while another exhibitor is using a potato product to add...
yogurt parfait sundae
Cruising around the NRA exhibits when the show first opens calls for a stop at a coffee company booth and one offering a grab-and-go breakfast.
bbq chicken thighs
BAR 16 is a show-within-a-show at the NRA Show showcasing cocktails, wine and beer. A couple of exhibitors passed out food samples made with products typically used in cocktails.
avocado edamame wrap
Vegetarian wraps made with thin lavash bread tap into two top trends: healthy plant-based menu items, and Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.
baked samosas mint chutney
During the NRA’s World Culinary Showcase, cookbook author and TV host Aarti Sequeira taught attendees how to make a quick mint chutney.
california gazpacho walnuts
This chunky, chilled tomato-based soup is a wonderful accompaniment to grilled cheese or panini sandwiches.