Salmon Falafel Pita
For a different spin on falafel, Chef Hines mixes up the chickpeas with salmon and pulls on the same Middle Eastern flavors and cooking techniques.
guacamole nogada
Candied walnuts and pomegranate seeds add a crunchy texture to this classic Mexican side dish, while minced habanero pepper kicks the heat up a notch.
samosa stuffed potato
To create a healthier but gratifying version of a normally calorie-ridden stuffed baked potato, Chuck Hatfield took a few cues from Indian cuisine.
indian bowl rice chicken
Student employees from India approached a manager at Murray State University and said they would like to do a hot line of authentic Indian food for everyone.
philly cheesesteak
To “clean” up his school’s cheesesteak, Chef Kevin Frank replaced the meat product with one that’s more healthful and saves seven cents per serving.
achiote grilled fish
While only 6 percent of seafood entrees populate fast-casual menus this year, consumers are craving more seafood and healthier options.
shrimp etouffe
This recipe was inspired by Chef Krupp’s time spent honing her skills in New Orleans. While a classic etouffee is made with crawfish, this version uses shrimp.
mango shrimp lettuce wrap
With mango slaw, toasted sesame seeds and cilantro for garnish, this shrimp lettuce wrap recipe encompasses three top trends for seafood entrees.
Pear Turon
As dayparts continue to blur and snacking increases, consumers now order desserts independent of an entree. Snackable desserts call for nontraditional portion sizes and flavors. Pear Turon satisfies both of these trends with fruit, paprika and a customizable size.
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake Pie with Honey Crust
Chef Guas gives this comfort dessert a twist with a crust made with clover honey and whole-wheat flour. The flavor is echoed in the creamy vanilla filling, which uses alfalfa honey, another varietal.