Authentic African foods are on the rise. We plan to offer more African cuisine, with flavors from Morocco and South African peri peri. [We are] also experimenting with Syrian Aleppo pepper and Peruvian cuisine.

—David Cohen, Morrison Community Living

In our [all-you-care-to-eat] dining common, we will add Persian-inspired dishes like shakshuka and za'atar-spiced dishes. In several of our restaurant operations, we will be offering bao sandwiches with Asian-inspired flavor profiles.

—Don Cortes, Sonoma State University

Prepared-to-order Indian cuisine is next up. All concepts that give the students control over their dishes are popular. At our busiest market, we do a made-to-order stir-fry station that has gluten-free sauces and starches as well as a number of vegan options. We are going to blend in the Indian concept a few days a week.

—Paul Sprunger, University of Wisconsin-Madison