How Watermark at Westwood Village is instilling excitement into its dining program

The new senior-living community offers multiple dining venues and ever-evolving menus to keep things fresh for residents.
The bar inside W Lounge at Westwood Village.
Photograph: The Watermark at Westwood Village

When the Watermark at Westwood Village opened its doors last month, residents at the Los Angeles senior-living community were met with an abundance of dining options. 

“Our goal was to develop different venues to offer variety and choice for our residents, understanding no one would want to dine in the same restaurant every day of the year,” says Dining Services Director James Howland. 

While the menu at each venue is different, they all focus on offering fresh, seasonal dishes that will evolve as time goes on and new residents join. Here’s a peek at each of the dining options.  

The Mark  

The Mark is the most formal dining venue at Westwood Village.  

The Mark at Westwood Village

Photo courtesy of Watermark at Westwood Village

Here, guests will find regional California cuisine with a focus on fresh fish and grilled meats, as well as a vegetarian and gluten-free menu.

Taboon and Gallery Cafe

Taboon and Gallery Cafe serve light, casual fare in an open-concept setting. The focal point of the space is a hearth oven that can cook at 654 degrees and uses two heat sources: the oven’s stone surface, which is excellent for crusting breads, says Howland, and an open flame.

“The versatility with this oven is endless as it bakes, roasts, sautes, smokes and sears, providing limitless opportunities for menu impact across all courses from appetizers to desserts,” says Howland. 

The W Lounge at Westwood Village.

Photo courtesy of Watermark at Westwood Village

Along with adding a layer of authenticity to the dining program, the oven provides entertainment for guests. 

“Our members enjoy having the culinary action out front and often sit at the display kitchen counter to converse with our chef and watch the culinary show,” says Howland.  

The W Lounge

At the W Lounge, guests can enjoy California wines by the glass as well as a selection of shareable dishes and comfort foods, such as burgers, fries, sandwiches and soups

The space includes indoor and outdoor seating as well as a large flatscreen TV to watch sports games and awards shows. 


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