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Technology can be friendly—and help keep food safety in focus

DayMark technology
Photograph courtesy of DayMark

Technological proficiency and detail orientation are two skills that do not come naturally to everyone. Fortunately, advancements in food service tech are helping ease the pain of both.

Not attending to details can prove to be consequential in a challenging, high-energy kitchen environment where multiple tasks are required of everyone. It takes great skill as a foodservice operator to manage a kitchen operation that involves both front- and back-of-house responsibilities, but access to cutting-edge technology is increasing the efficiency of managing these day-to-day responsibilities, helping to keep an eye on the details.

Many emerging technologies—apps, specifically—are assisting with responsibilities such as employee scheduling, food prep tasks, equipment cleaning, and tracking received shipments of goods and are doing so by utilizing more simplified, user-friendly interfaces.

Increased productivity and reduced chances for error are the key goals of this technology. One such app, DayMark’s Task Management application, helps users to streamline employee-performed tasks. Using a web portal, operators can document the progress of ongoing operations in both the front- and back-of-house quickly and efficiently with a variety of tools that address the assignment and tracking of tasks, flexible scheduling, and recording daily health details (including temperature measurement).

While applications like Task Management address a wide variety of task activities, other apps offer a more laser-focused approach to increasing efficiencies. DayMark developed the Receiving Module, for example,  to simplify the process of receiving shipments. It gives foodservice operators the ability to create custom, item-specific non-conformances that identify and document orders that are short, out-of-spec or otherwise incorrect. The application also can be used to adjust expected shipment statuses and keep open deliveries on hold based on delays or other incomplete information.

Safety first

As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers into 2021, the monitoring of employee health details remains especially important as it relates to employee and customer safety. Many apps are making it easier for operators to address these issues. The Task Management application, for example, records daily health specifics such as temperature levels, while the Receiving Module includes a driver compliance test that requires delivery drivers to answer a series of questions related to their risk of carrying the novel coronavirus/COVID-19.

Operators looking to utilize these or other food service apps should look for apps that are effective, yet easy to use. Some companies even offer free web demos to help with the challenge that learning new tech presents.

Attention to detail is still an important trait—however, combining organizational strategies with new technology can go a long way in helping operators to make fewer mistakes and achieve greater success.

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