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Food waste for Fido

Photograph: Shutterstock

I created "Waste Not Wag A Lot" dog treats that use excess back-of-house food, such as sweet potatoes, turkey bacon, carrot peels, peas, oatmeal and farro porridge. I stash leftovers, such as an extra pot of oatmeal from breakfast or that last pan of sweet potatoes, in the freezer. When I have 16 quarts’ worth, I make a batch of treats, adding flour and egg as the only “new food.” Each batch makes a few hundred treats (scooped with a disher and baked until nearly crunchy).

We donate most of the treats to our county humane society, which sells them for $4 a dozen and keeps 100% of the proceeds. The treats are very popular with all of the dogs (and cats, too). Pet owners are equally enthusiastic about the all-natural, healthy treats, and it keeps a lot of excess food out of the trash cans.

Sandy Thompson
Sous Chef
University of Wisconsin-Superior
Superior, Wis.

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