Chicken Satay
Take the chance and try out one of the myriad global options that not only star poultry, but also.
Ful Mudammes Egyptian Fava Bean Dip

Here’s five ways to feature ancient ingredients on the modern menu.

snacking mobile phones coffee
University students are on a quest to discover their own tastes and preferences, and that includes.
eating mac and cheese
Here are three ways to serve mac and cheese that meet current trends and offer diners the flavors.
seafood salad
Here are four ways that seafood and fish are moving outside of the main course.
chefs in kitchen
Small changes can make big differences, and can save operators from having to spend a lot of money.
ranchero bean bowl
C&U foodservice operators are focusing on food that’s fresh, healthy and sustainably sourced.
hospital coffee doctors
What are guests looking for now, and how do you cover all those beverage bases?
Friends eating

Because noncommercial settings have to appeal to the masses, there’s a little bit less freedom when revamping the menu—but that doesn’t mean that operators are stuck serving the same old, same old day in and day out. 

Lentil Penne pasta
A well-made pasta dish is the perfect option for many diners when they’re eating away from home.