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celery foodservice
Celery is a great choice for healthcare foodservice: it’s inexpensive, hardy and operators can use every part of it, from roots to leaves to stems.
Texas ranchero taco salad
Encouraging more healthful choices, especially plant-based alternatives, isn’t an impossible task, as more school districts are discovering.
Breakfast Boom

Smithfield invites you along on a culinary journey to discover a variety of exciting, ethnically inspired breakfast tastes and trends. 

dessert morning snack
Desserts have long been positioned on menus as a post-meal treat, but shifting consumer preferences mean that baked goods are now primed for all-day eating.
marrakesh autumn soup

The secret to flavorful, on-trend, satisfying dishes is starting with the perfect base.

salad with pumpkin

Take your menu to a new level of delicious with four easy ways to naturally add fresh color and flavor. 

mediterranean salad
From off-premise to menus to community outreach, healthcare foodservice directors are kicking things up a notch in 2018.
making fries
Even with the best ingredients in the world, if the frying oil isn’t up to par, the food may not reach its full potential.
WinCup bowls
Consumer demand for transparency is influencing all aspects of the foodservice business—menu, packaging, food waste and sustainability.
plant-based burger k-12
Thanks to a growing interest in customizable meals and an increased focus on health, plant-based options are now making a bigger entrance on K-12 menus.


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